Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Number 1 List

Number 1 List

  1. The first government organisation in Dubai to conduct an Initial Public Offering for 18% of its shares on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), transforming DEWA into a Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) listed on the DFM.
  2. The first utility globally to employ nanosatellites for enhancing the functionality, maintenance, and strategic planning of electricity and water networks.
  3. Achieved the lowest Customer Minutes Lost (CML) of 1.19 minutes in 2022.
  4. Recorded 2.2% losses in the electricity transmission and distribution networks in Dubai in 2022.
  5. Reduced water network losses to 4.5% in in 2022.
  6. Scored the highest mark among government entities in the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in the 21st cycle.
  7. The first government entity to win the Pioneering Government Entity award at the 20th cycle for Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) according to the 4G Government Excellence system.
  8. The first government entity outside Europe to receive the Global Excellence Award of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) for the second time with higher score, and the first in the MENA region to receive this prestigious award
  9. Awarded the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) in the Elite Category in 2021, scoring 850 in the evaluation, the highest score in the Award history since its launch in 1999.
  10. DEWA scored 100% in the International Digital Customer Experience Standard (IDCXS: 2022) certificate from the first assessment in the new global standard. DEWA is the first organisation in the world to adopt and implement the standards and requirements of the certificate, which is presented by the International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI) in collaboration with the British Standards Institute (BSI)
  11. The first entity globally to achieve 8 stars level in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Innovation Lens with a score of 800.
  12. Implements and manages the largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in the world at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park based on the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model.
  13. The first government entity globally to receive the BSI Kitemark Certification for Innovation.
  14. The first government entity to win the gold in the Dubai Quality Award.
  15. The first government entity to win the gold in the Dubai Human Development Award.
  16. The first Dubai government entity to establish a campus for occupational and academic development.
  17. Adopted the green bill (paperless electronic billing system) by 100%, one of the highest percentages worldwide
  18. Launched the 1st 24/7 Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) across Dubai Government.
  19. Achieved first ranking in the Instant Customer Happiness Index by Dubai Digital Authority
  20. The first government entity in the Middle East to launch the Green Charger initiative for electric vehicles.
  21. DEWA's Shams Dubai is the first initiative in the region to install solar panels on the rooftops of buildings.
  22. The first government entity to build the largest government sustainable building in the world with a Platinum rating for green buildings from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
  23. Guinness world record: largest single-site natural gas Power Generation facility with a total Electricity Generation capacity of 9,547 MW.
  24. The first government entity to launch AI-based customer assistant called Rammas.
  25. DEWA is the first entity worldwide to implement the Thermal Energy Storage Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TESTIAC) technology.
  26. DEWA enters Guinness World Records for the first 3D printed laboratory in the world.
  27. DEWA developed the Intelligent Gas Turbine Controller, the first of its kind in the world.
  28. DEWA is the first government organisation in the world and the first organisation of any type outside the United Kingdom to receive the ISO 18404 certification.
  29. The first organisation in the Middle East and North Africa to obtain the ISO 44001:2017 certificate in the Joint Labour Relationship Management System
  30. DEWA is the first integrated government utility in the world to receive the ISO 55001:2014 accreditation for Asset Management.
  31. DEWA is the first government entity in the world to implement the British Standards code of practice BS 13500:2013.
  32. DEWA is the first organisation in the Middle East and North Africa to obtain the ISO 14452 certificate for the quality of billing services.
  33. Great Place To Work
    DEWA is ranked #1 as a Great Place To Work in UAE on the level of all organisations and the government sector.
    DEWA is ranked #1 as a Great Place To Work in GCC on the level of the governmental sector.
  34. DEWA has inaugurated DEWA’s Digital Command centre (DCC). The Centre is first of its kind in the UAE. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and manage DEWA’s digital infrastructure and service channels.
  35. DEWA won the EFQM SDGs Challenge Award in 2021 for its strategic approach to prioritise and contribute to the UNSDGs 2030.
  36. The first government entity in MENA to have been inducted into the Hall of Fame for implementing the 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard and adhering to the five principles of the Strategy Focused Organisation.
  37. DEWA is the first electricity and water utility in the MENA region to be accredited by the International Business Continuity Standard ISO 22301.
  38. DEWA has launched the PAS 60518:2020 - Enterprise Risk & Resilience Management standard for the utility sector.
  39. The first government entity in Dubai to launch the Space-D program in January 2021, using nanosatellites and remote sensors to enhance operations, maintenance, and planning of DEWA's networks
  40. The first entity to get the highest grade (641) in the Distinguished Government Entity award in DGEP 2016
  41. Investor in people –IIP
    DEWA is the only entity among large-scale entities (with more than 5000 employees) to hold the Platinum-level award in investor in people –IIP worldwide.
  42. 1st organisation in MENA to receive ISO 44001 in Collaborative Management certification
  43. (99%) Achieved the highest government score in Digital Adoption
  44. DEWA is the first government entity in Dubai to receive the ISO 31000:2009 certificate in risk management from the British Standards Institution