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Update customer information

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Update Customer Information

This service consists of updating customer’s personal information with DEWA such as mobile number, email address, PO Box number etc. in order to ensure receipt of monthly bills and notifications as per the customer’s updated contact information.


  • Free of charge, if using the DEWA website or smart app.
  • Free for Thuker and Sanad cardholders.

Log in / Registration:

  • Required for online requests.
  • Not required for requests made through Customer Care Centre.

Estimated Delivery Duration:

Immediate Update for requests through Online / Smart Application.

Online Procedure

Procedure through website and smart app:

Customer may instantly update his/her information by filling the required fields and submitting the information:

Procedure through Customer Care Centre:

  • Sending email to Customer Care Centre with the new information customer wants to update to customercare@dewa.gov.ae .
  • Customer will receive reference number through email and SMS to review service status.
  • Information will be updated within 3 days.