Frequently Asked Questions

    The Electric Vehicle (EV) Green Charger

    The Electric Vehicle (EV) Green Charger Initiative was launched in support of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world and promote green transportation in the city. The aim of this project was to set up an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the public across Dubai. At the time of the launch of the initiative there were a very limited number of electrical vehicles in Dubai mainly because there was no EV charging infrastructure available. Hence DEWA, as the electricity provider for Dubai, took the lead in setting up an EV charging infrastructure to encourage the public to switch over from petrol to electric vehicles, thus directly contributing towards Dubai’s carbon abatement strategic target of carbon reduction by 16% by 2021 and reduction in other emissions.

    1. DEWA announced in April 2014 that electric cars will be seen in the streets of Dubai.  What progress has been made so far?

    DEWA, as the electricity provider for Dubai, took the lead in setting up the first EV charging infrastructure in the UAE to encourage the public to switch over from petrol to electric vehicles. DEWA successfully installed 100 electric charging stations by December 2015, in different areas of Dubai such as government offices, airports, gas stations, shopping malls, commercial offices, clinics and hospitals, residential complexes and establishments, as part of the Green Charger initiative. Furthermore, DEWA has announced plans to increase the number of charging stations to 200 stations in 2018.

    2. The importance of Directive number 1 on the establishment and installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Dubai.

    HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, issued Directive number 1 of 2017 on the establishment and installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Dubai. This directive states that all public and private organisations and developers in Dubai must get approvals from DEWA before establishing, installing, operating or maintaining any electric vehicle charging station. In turn, DEWA will coordinate with Dubai Municipality (DM) and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to ensure that electric vehicle charging stations meet the technical requirements and standards adopted by the relevant authorities.

    It issued Directive number 1 of 2016 to set a target for the government, at least 10% of all newly-purchased cars will be electric or hybrid from 2016 to 2020. The proportion of electric and hybrid cars will rise to 2% by 2020, and 10% by 2030.

    The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy issued Directive number 1 of 2017 to achieve sustainability based on the best global standards and practices that meet DEWA’s technical requirements. We stress the need for comprehensive cooperation between public and private institutions to achieve the desired objectives.

    The Supreme Council launched the Dubai Green Mobility initiative, to encourage the use of sustainable transport and electric vehicles. The initiative was presented to relevant stakeholders for their support.

    3. What are the planned objectives of this project for the sustainable development of Dubai?

    The EV Green Charger infrastructure is one of three smart initiatives DEWA launched in-line with its strategic direction towards Happy Stakeholders (S02), Minimize Environmental Footprint (TBL03), Enabling Smart City (IP09), and supporting Smart Dubai Strategy. A main opportunity DEWA capitalized on for the success of this initiative was the clear strategic direction in Dubai Plan 2021 towards a smart & sustainable city and aligned with UAE Vision 2021. Dubai has actually set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 16% by 2021. This initiative will support this strategic direction.

    4. How many EV green chargers are currently installed and where are they located?

    DEWA have developed and deployed 100 charge points across the city, the location of which is available on DEWA website and DEWA smart application. All new charger installation and location are updated regularly on DEWA’s website and smart application

    5. What are the different types of the EV Green Chargers?

    DEWA installed three types of chargers, Fast Charger, Public Charger and Wall Box.

    Fast Charger provides an 80% charge within 20 to 45 minutes depending on the type of car and battery capacity. Most of these are installed at petrol stations.

    Public Charger (dual outlet) provides full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.

    Wall Box (single outlet) provides a full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.

    6. Where will I find assistance in using the EV Green Charger?

    Customers can contact DEWA customer care centre on 04- 601 9999 for assistance about the EV Green Chargers. However the charge points are easy to use and have instructions attached to the side on how to be used. Also you can follow this link to view the instructional video (xxx instruction video to be linked)

    7. Are the EV Green Charger accessible on a 24-hour basis?

    The EV Green Chargers located at the DEWA Customer Happiness Centres are available, from Sunday to Saturday during 07:30am to 12:00am. However, EV Green Charger located in petrol stations and other public locations, will be available on a 24/7 basis.

    8. Where can I purchase an electric vehicle in Dubai and at what cost?

    Please contact car dealerships for availability and costs since the prices vary for vehicles. Since the launch of DEWA EV green charger initiative, demand has increased, leading to more models of EV being made available by dealers.

    9. What is the typical range of an electric vehicle?

    The range of the electric vehicle depends on battery capacity and type of vehicle, typically it ranges from 120km to 500km.

    10. What happens if my battery runs out of charge before I reach the charge points?

    Same as with any vehicle, drivers are responsible for ensuring that they have a sufficient charge for the journey. All electric vehicles provide information to their drivers on their estimated range in the car’s instrument panel.

    11. What is a plugin hybrid vehicle?

    A plugin hybrid vehicle has a regular petrol engine and with an additional electric motor. This vehicle can run on either petrol, batteries or both at the same time. It also has a plug for charging on-board batteries and can run as full electric mode with a limited range.

    12. Does DEWA own electrical vehicles?

    DEWA is committed to achieving Dubai Supreme Council of Energy target of 10% of all new purchase to be electric/hybrid by 2020. DEWA currently owns 19 electrical vehicles, this fleet will be increasing as per the target.

    13. Can everyone use the DEWA EV Green Chargers?

    DEWA EV Green Chargers are open to all holders of the Green Charger card that can be obtained by registering with DEWA and setting up a special account at a DEWA Customer Happiness Centre.

    14. How can I tell when my electric vehicle is completely charged?

    Check the display on our charging station or battery charge indictor on your vehicle’s display. Either one will tell you when your charging session is complete.

    15. Can I discontinue the charging process before it is complete?

    Yes. You can stop the charge at any time following the instructions on the charger.

    16. Can I charge the battery even if it's not empty?

    Yes, an electric vehicle’s battery management system actively manages the delivery of the charge to ensure the maximum lifespan of the battery. Just plug it in and let the car do the rest.

    17. What do I do if the charger does not work when I place my Green Charger Card in front of the charger’s card reader?

    Please contact DEWA Customer Care Centre on 04- 601 9999, who will be happy to assist you with the matter. You can also email (please attach a copy of your EID) or visit any DEWA Customer Happiness Centers. DEWA will issue a new card if it is lost or damaged.

    18. Where can I get access to EV green Charger outside Dubai?

     Currently DEWA only provides the EV Green Charger infrastructure in the Emirate of Dubai.

    19. How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

    The cost of charging the electric vehicle depends on the capacity of the battery and the use by the driver. Prior to September 2017, the cost of charging electric cars at public electric vehicle charging stations was 29 Fils per kW, which is a great saving compared to fuel-powered cars.

    In order to encourage the public to use electric vehicles in Dubai and to contribute to the protection of the environment, DEWA is pleased to announce the provision of free charging for electric vehicle owners registered in the Green Charger initiative from 1 September 2017 to 31 December 2019. This incentive will be exclusively for DEWA public electric vehicle charging stations located in places such as petrol stations, , and not residential charging stations.

    20. How can I charge my electric vehicle at home? How much does it cost?

    Home chargers can be installed at customers’ premises behind the customers’ meter, like any other home appliances. When charging the car at home, the electricity used is added to the normal DEWA bill at standard residential electricity rates.

    21. How will I be billed when using DEWA EV Green Charger?

    Customers that want to use DEWA EV Green Charger must register with DEWA for Green Charger card to access the EV Green Charger. This card is linked to the customer’s account and is currently billed on a monthly basis.

    22. How can I register my Green Charger card with DEWA?

    Visit any of DEWA Customer Happiness Centres to register your car, and to obtain the Green Charger Card to access the charging points. Please check on our website the timing, location for each branch

    23. What documents are required to register with DEWA?

    You will need to provide your Emirates ID, your driving license and your vehicle license (Mulkiya).

    24. Can I use one Green Charger card for more than one vehicles?

    Yes, but any use of the card will be charged to the card owner.

    25. I sold my car. What do I need to do to deactivate my Green Charger card?

    You need to send an email to, mentioning that you need to apply for final bill and deactivate your Green Charger card, with a copy of your EID. Once the final bill is ready, you will receive an SMS to settle your final bill at any DEWA branch. Alternatively, you can visit any DEWA Customer Happiness Centres and apply for the final bill with a copy of your EID.

    26. Are there any costs involved when registering?

    Registration is free, although a fully-refundable security deposit of AED 500 is required.

    27. Who can register?

    Individuals, companies and communities. Anyone who is interested in registering can do so without cost at DEWA customer Happiness Centres.

    28. Where can I pay my bill?

    Through all DEWA payment channels including DEWA’s website at Bill Payment page.

    29. Can I merge my existing consumption electricity bill with my electric vehicle bill?

    At the moment these bills are being kept separate.

    30. I closed my DEWA electricity and Water account and I have an excess amount due. Can I transfer the excess amount to my electric vehicle account number and vice versa?

    Yes, you can transfer the excess amount to your other account.

    31. What should I do if my Green Charger card is lost or damaged, or if I have any problem while charging?

    You can call our customer care centre on 04-601 9999, email or visit any DEWA Customer Happiness Centre.

    32. What are the incentives offered to the EV users?

    DEWA worked closely with other government entities (Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, RTA, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, Dubai Airports, ESMA and Civil Defence) to establish the Green Mobility initiative, which is studying further incentives to promote EVs and setting targets for EV/Hybrid vehicle procurement for Dubai Government entities. This has resulted in an initial target for EV/Hybrid vehicles for Dubai of 10% by 2030.

    33. What is the procedure to install an EV public or fast charger?

    For more information on the procedure and the steps to be taken, please contact customer care centre on 04-601 9999, email:

    34. DEWA Green charger is the only EV charging station provider in Dubai, or are there other non DEWA EV chargers?

    There are other types available in Dubai.