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    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative

    In accordance with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world, DEWA has launched three ground-breaking programmes to drive sustainable development in the UAE. One of these, the Electric Vehicle initiative, was announced in April 2014. 

    1. DEWA announced in April 2014 that electric cars will be seen in the streets of Dubai next year. What progress has been made so far?
    DEWA is working on the infrastructure in collaboration with key stakeholders such as Dubai Airports, Dubai Municipality, Road and Transportation Authority, shopping malls, petrol stations, hotels, and car parks, in addition to 16 public charging stations have already been installed in different locations. The project is due for completion by 2015. We have started engaging our key stakeholders and have already signed MOUs with some. We are also in discussion with property developers such as Emaar, Nakheel and Dubai Property Group to jointly identify locations for the charging stations in areas that can be served by electric vehicles.
     2. What are the planned objectives of this project for the sustainable development of Dubai?

    DEWA is implementing three initiatives to support Smart Dubai; rooftop solar installations (Shams Dubai), and an electric vehicle infrastructure (Green Charger). Smart meters within the smart grid initiative enable smart applications that speed up connections and ensure faster reconnections, and enable customers to monitor more closely their use of electricity and water, to improve standards of living and the sustainable management of resources. The Distributed Renewable Resources Generation (DRRG) programme promotes the installation of solar panels on buildings in Dubai. Electric-vehicle charging stations promote sustainable personal transportation and maintain the natural resource.

    DEWA’s vision to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility is based on achieving availability, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. This vision will result in the connection of renewable energy resources to the grid and supports the introduction of electric vehicles. In turn, this will lead to a greener and cleaner environment, better energy and water conservation, improved demand side management and a more efficient management of infrastructure investments and grid operations.

    The development of the smart grid strategy is a key step in the implementation of the DRRG programme, demand shift and reduction, energy efficiency and operational improvement. All the above contribute to the sustainable growth of DEWA towards reduction of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.
    3. How many stations will be installed during the first stage of the project?

    DEWA plans to install 100 charging stations across Dubai in first stage of the project in cooperation with our government and private partners. To date, 16 public charging stations have already been installed at:

      a. DEWA Head Office, next to Wafi City 
      b. Hudaiba
      c. Al Wasl 
      d. Sustainable Building in Al Quoz
      e. Jebel Ali 
      f. Burj Naher 
      g. Umm Ramoul 
      h. Dubai Silicon Oasis 

    DEWA will be responsible for installing and managing the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations.
    4. What are the different types of charging stations?

    The DEWA will install three types of charging stations, Fast Charge, Public Charge and Home Charge points.
    Fast Charge Points provide an 80% charge within 20 to 45 minutes depending on the type of car and battery capacity. Most of these will be installed at petrol stations.
    Public Charge Points provide a full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.
    Home Charge Points fully charge vehicles over in 6 to 8 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity.
    5. Can I locate charge points using Google maps? request?

    DEWA is working on an integrated app for electric vehicle charge point locations, payment options and charge point status.
    6. Where will I find assistance in using the charge points?

    Customers can contact DEWA customer care centre on 04- 601 9999 for assistance about charge points. However the charge points are easy to use and have local instructions attached on how to use them.
    7. Will the DEWA charge points be accessible on a 24-hour basis?

    The timings are from Sunday to Saturday during 07:30am to 12:00am. Though the charge points located at DEWA offices will be accessible for only DEWA registered customers who can present a valid DEWA EV Green Charger card at the security counter prior to accessing the DEWA EV charging station. However, charging points located in petrol stations and other public locations, such as public car parks, will be available on a 24/7 basis.
    8. Where can I purchase an electric vehicle in Dubai and at what cost?

    Please contact car dealerships for availability and costs since the prices vary for vehicles.
    9. What is the typical range of an electric vehicle?

    The range of the electric vehicle depends on battery capacity and type of vehicle, typically it ranges from 120km to 400km.
    10. What happens if my battery runs out of charge before I reach the charge points?

    Same as with any vehicle, drivers are responsible for ensuring that they have a sufficient charge for the journey. All electric vehicles provide information to their drivers on their estimated range in the car’s instrument panel.
    11. What is a plugin hybrid vehicle?

    A plugin hybrid vehicle has a regular petrol engine and with an additional electric motor. This vehicle can run on either petrol, batteries or both at the same time. It also has a plug for charging on-board batteries and can run as full electric mode with a limited range.
    12. Does DEWA own electrical vehicles?

    DEWA is purchasing eight fully-electric vehicles for the initial stage.
    13. Can everyone use electric vehicle charge points?

    DEWA Charge points will be open to all holders of green card charger that can be obtained by registering with DEWA and setting up a special account for accessing charge points.
    14. How can I tell when my electric vehicle is completely charged?

    Check the display on our charging station or the one on board your electric vehicle. Either one will tell you when your charging session is complete.
    15. Can I discontinue the charging process before it is complete?

    Yes. You can stop the charge at any time without risking any type of damage to the battery.
    16. Can I charge the battery even if it's not empty?

    Yes, an electric vehicle’s battery management system actively manages the delivery of the charge to ensure the maximum lifespan of the battery. Just plug it in and let the car do the rest.
    17. What do I do if the charger does not work when I place my Charge Point card in front of the station’s scanner?

    Please contact DEWA Customer Care Centre on 04- 601 9999, who will be happy to assist you with the matter. You can also email (please attach a copy of your EID) or visit any Customer Service Centre. DEWA will issue a new card if it is lost or damaged.
    18. Where can I get access to electric vehicle charge points stations outside Dubai?

    Dubai is currently the only Emirate that provides electric vehicle charge points.
    19. How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

    The cost to charge the electric vehicle depends on energy required to charge the battery, which is directly related to the capacity of the battery in the vehicle and the usage by the car owner. However, the rate per kilowatt hour (kW/h) for charging an electric vehicle in public charging points is 29 Fils per kW/h. If you charge your vehicle at home, the standard residential electricity rate will be applied. 

    20. How can I charge my electric vehicle at home? How much does it cost?

    Home chargers can be installed at customers’ premises behind the customers’ meter, like any other home appliance. When charging the car at home, the electricity used is added to the normal DEWA bill at standard residential electricity rates.
    21. How will I be billed when using DEWA charge points? request?

    Customers that want to use DEWA charge points must register with DEWA for a card to access to a charge point. This card is linked to the customer’s account and is billed on a monthly basis.
    22. How can I register my electric vehicle charge card with DEWA?

    Visit any DEWA Customer Service Centre to register your car, and to obtain a card to access the machine. Please check in our website the timing, location for each branch
    23. What documents are required to register with DEWA?
    You will need to provide your Emirates Identification card, your driving licence and your vehicle licence (Mulkiya).
    24. Can I use one card for more than one vehicles?

    Yes, but any use of the card will be charged to the card owner.
    25. I sold my car. What do I need to do to deactivate my card?

    You need to send an email to, mentioning that you need to apply for final bill and deactivate your card, with a copy of your EID. Once the final bill is ready, you will receive an SMS to settle your final bill at any DEWA branch. Alternatively, you can visit any DEWA Customer Service Centre and apply for the final bill.
    26. Are there any costs involved when registering?

    Registration is free, although a fully-refundable security deposit of AED 500 is required.
    27. Who can register?

    Individuals, companies and communities. Anyone who is interested in registering can do so without cost at DEWA customer service centres.
    28. Where can I pay my bill?

    As well as at any DEWA customer service centre, you can pay your electric vehicle bill on DEWA’s website at Bill Payment page.

    29. Can I merge my existing consumption electricity bill with my electric vehicle bill?

    At the moment these bills are being kept separate.
    30. I closed my DEWA electricity and Water account and I have an excess amount due. Can I transfer the excess amount to my electric vehicle account number and vice versa?

    Yes, you can transfer the excess amount to your other account.
    31. Can I apply for the EV final bill online?

    Currently this facility is not available.
    32. What should I do if my card is lost or damaged, or if I have any problem while charging?

    You can call our customer care centre on 04-601 9999, email or visit any DEWA Customer Service Centre.

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