Get to know our Friends

Noor and Hayat

Concept of "edutainment."

Get to know our Friends

Get to know Noor & Hayat and their friends - the conservation champions, who are always looking to protect the environment and conserve energy resources. They work together to spread awareness about the importance of conservation and waste reduction.


Noor’s superpowers come from the sun’s rays. This solar power allows him to create energy. It also helps him to control energy and electricity. Noor loves to play football. He also enjoys helping others and going on adventures! But Noor can be reckless at times!

He enjoys learning about technology! And his invention to support Electricity and Power Conservation proudly received the “Engineer of the Future” award at the DEWA Summer Camp. Since Noor receives his power from the sun, he can become vulnerable if his powers diminish and he is unable to recharge.


Hayat’s superpower is the ability to control water. She uses this power to do things that help protect water like keeping it clean, and making sure it is not used carelessly or wasted. She can turn a single drop of water into a waterfall! This amazing power can provide for many people! It can also help Dubai grow into a greener and more fertile land. Hayat is both creative and brave. She loves water activities like sailing.

Her favorite sports in Dubai are the Dubai Creek, the Dubai Aquarium and the Dubai Mall Skating Rink. Just like us, Hayat’s gets weak, when she is dehydrated or in the sun for too long.


Dr. Shararra lives far away, in a dark, damp cave outside the City of Happiness. Dr. Shararra doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t understand the true meaning of fun and happiness. He rarely goes outside to walk along the streets of the beautiful city, and instead he spends long hours inventing weird devices.

He only cares about causing trouble and wasting resources. But his evil plans never succeed and are always foiled thanks to the bravery of our heroes Noor, Hayat and their friends.


A very strange woman who speaks in a very loud and very annoying voice. Tabtheer likes bright colours and wicked plans. As Dr. Sharrara’s only friend and trusted right hand she helps him plan and execute his evil plots. But she always ends up failing thanks to the bravery and loyalty of our friends Noor and Hayat.


Sahlool is a bizarre creature.He lives with Dr. Shararra in the dark, damp cave. He does everything Dr. Shararra asks of him, and yet somehow still never satisfies him. Sahlool wishes Dr. Shararra was nice to him. He’s very jealous of Miss Tabtheer because she gets all the important missions.


Noor and Hayat’s friend, Adam recently moved from London to the City of Happiness with his family. His dad is a solar energy engineer. He speaks Arabic with difficulty and often makes amusing mistakes, but he loves the Arabic language and always asks Noor to explain the meanings of all the new words he learns every day.


Smart and quick-witted girl from the Philippines.

Maria loves to discover and investigate. Her favourite hobby is taking photographs. She hopes to become a famous photojournalist one day, so she can travel the world and take pictures through her magical lens.


Ameen moved from India to the City of Happiness with his family years ago He loves comic books and superheroes who fight villains and defend the good.


An Emirati boy who has been living in the City of Happiness with his large family Hamad loves the desert and enjoys riding horses. He looks forward to the holidays so he can go eagle watching in the wild with his father. He loves to volunteer and often helps protect natural reserves from pollution.


An ambitious and bright Emirati girl Dana excels at school and hopes to become an architect when she grows up. Dana wants to design green buildings that are safe for the environment and help conserve energy.