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Electrical Appliances


  • A microwave consumes less energy than an oven.
  • Use flat-bottom pans for best contact with the heat, with tight-fitting lids to keep the steam in the container. Its recommended to use pressure cookers use lesser energy than ordinary pots and pans.

 Water Heaters and Water Coolers

  • Switch off electrical water heaters during summer and water coolers during winter, this can save up to 50% on your water heating and cooling energy consumption.
  • When purchasing a new water heater, it is advisable to purchase solar water heaters if possible, or electrical water heater with top rating (5 or 4 Stars) as approved by ESMA.


  • To avoid excessive cooling and wasting energy, set the fridge temperature to 4°C and Keep your freezer temperature at - 18 degree Celsius. (Always check the manufacturer's recommendation)
  • Check your refrigerator/freezer door gasket periodically for signs of deterioration.
  • Allow hot food to cool down (minimum of half an hour) before placing in your refrigerator.
  • Keep your fridge away from the oven, dishwasher, dryer and direct sunlight to avoid overworking.
  • When purchasing a new fridge, consider purchasing one with a high energy efficiency rating (5 or 4 stars) as approved by ESMA to save energy.